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+10 years of performance-based experience made us able to design tools and algorithms that excel the needs of advertisers, agencies and media buying teams. Three core modules work together.


We developed an in-house mix of deterministic cross-device tracking to precisely determine the user journey.


With a centralized system we apply the same attribution model to all medias avoiding double countings.


We automate and optimize online marketing investments to maximize your performance in every channel.

How we work

We reach consumers

To maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns we unify data based on three crucial factors:

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Cross-device tracking

We associate interactions with your site and ads across all devices.

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Cross-media tracking

We keep track of all the traffic sources flowing into your site.

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User Focus

We direct your message towards the actual people behind these media and devices.

Who works with us

ClickLab in action

44 %

Top Travel Companies

"44% of sales where attributed to mobile thanks to ClickLAB cross-device model."

- Head of Mobile Marketing


Top e-commerce companies

"ClickLAB attribution model gave us insights on return on investments across SEO, Content Marketing and Acquisition Marketing. We can now understand which marketing channels make our business grow."

- CMO E-commerce

Our plans





Live chart Live chart Live chart
Unlimited users Unlimited users Unlimited users
Cross device attribution Cross device attribution Cross device attribution
Unlimited domainss Unlimited domains Unlimited domains
Data export Data export Data export
Data retention 2 months Data retention +1 year Data retention
Attribution models 3 Attribution models +14 Attribution models
Conversion limit <10000 Conversion limit Unlimited Conversion limit
Aggregated campaign Information detail Aggregated campaign Ultra-detailed, events included Aggregated campaign
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